An Urgent Message from Owner Robert McSherry

To our loyal customers and friends,

We are dealing with an event that none of us have ever faced before; the Coronavirus. Health officials have closed schools, canceled sports and religious services are adjusting to this. Public health and safety are paramount. This is something we are not taking lightly.

We are sanitizing our customer areas, door handles inside and outside, restrooms and everywhere that human touch is reaching. All staff members are following hand washing recommendations and hand sanitizer is located at all customer points of contacts.

We are doing this for both your safety and the safety of our team. We understand the anxiety behind this. So, we are offering the following:

If you need an estimate, please use the estimate tool from your smartphone and follow the instructions. It’s that simple. This can be done from your driveway, garage or anyplace you get phone service. We will send an estimate back to you as quickly as possible.

We also can do touch-less drop off and delivery. Either at your location or at ours. Pick up and delivery is not a problem

We also have been in discussion with our rental car provider as to how they are cleaning the rental vehicles. They are committed to disinfecting each vehicle before it goes out to a client. We are going to double-check this by cleaning the steering wheel, all control knobs and levers including the door handles. This will be performed on any rental being picked up at our facility.

Whatever precautions we can take, we will be.

In these trying times we are responding to this in every way we can. We do this not out of fear, but to follow the guidelines that state hand washing and disinfecting of surfaces are two of the most important precautions. None of this will ever replace face to face service. We will be forgoing handshakes and we will not handle your personal communication devices as health officials have recommended. This will have an impact on all of us and is affecting our operation dramatically. We stand ready to do what it takes to give you peace of mind in these trying times.

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